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Jab likit joñan Medicaid eo am ilo kauwōtata – Bojjak in kakāāl kio!

Letta in kakāāl an Medicaid ej jilkinwaj ejjab to jān kio. Ikutkut am lale email eo am im bukot jabdewōt mail jān Arkansas Rā eo an Lale Armij.

Envelope eo enij āinwot in:

Elukkun in aurok – Jejjab konan bwe jabdewōt rej maroñ in toprak en jako Medicaid eo aer!

Ta Eo Kwoj Kōmmane Kio

Kakāāl Arkansas campaign ej kōmman ñan lale aolep ro ilo Arkansas im ewōr aer Medicaid ñan kōjbarok onean eo.

Ñe letta ko rej kakāāl Medicaid renij ino iwaj, kwonij aikuj in kōmmane ruo men ko:

  1. Lale mail eo am – Arkansas Medicaid enij jilkinwaj juon letta kake onean Medicaid eo am. Letta in enij kwalok waj ñe kwonij aikuj in kanne juon pepa in kakāāl ñan lale ñe kwoj maroñ in toprak ñan Medicaid.
  2. Kanne pepa in kakāāl eo am – Kanne pepa eo im karol ñan Arkansas Medicaid ilo ien eo emokaj tata bwe en jab jako Medicaid ñe kwoj maroñ in toprak.

Elukkun in bidodo – Lale pepa in kakāāl an Medicaid eo am. Kanne. Bar jilkinlak. Ñe kwoj maroñ in toprak ñan Medicaid, enij kōmman bwe kwon maroñ in kakwone wōt onean eo am.

Lale Bwe Kōmelele In Maroñ In Topar Eok Ej Mol

Ñe kwojañin kakāāl melele ko am kin wawen topar eok ippān Arkansas Medicaid, kōmmane kio.

Aurok ñan ad bok jikin jokwe eo am kio ñan jilkinwaj, nōmba in telebon, im email address bwe jen maroñ in bōk Medicaid letta in kakāāl im jabdewōt melele aurok.

Kwoj maroñ in kakāāl melele ko ilo telebon, aunlain, ako ilo-armij:

  1. Kurlok Kakāāl Arkansas lain ilo 1-844-872-2660
  2. Etal aunlain ñan
  3. Loe lak DHS opiij eo an bukwon ñan kakāāl melele ko am

Kwalok Melele In Ippen Jabdewōt

Jej aikuj jibañ eok kwalok melele kein. Aolep ro rej kōjerbale Medicaid rej aikuj in jella ta eo ñan kōmmane, im kwoj maroñ in jibañ.

Emōj ad kōmman pija ñan kwalok ilo aunlain, kadelel, im jabdewōt bar kain kwoj maroñ in kwalok ippān ro mottam im an baamle. Jiped ilal ñan lale ta eo eped ipped.

Im jenij kwalok melele koi lo ikut ilo DHS akkaun ko aunlain – Kwoj maroñ in bar kwalok kajju jān ijin, bar!

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Katak Elaplok Kake Kakāāl Arkansas

Frequently Asked Questions about Renew Arkansas

Jenij kakāāl peij in ñe melele ko rekaal rej bellok, ñan lale ijin kin jabdewōt melele kāāl.

Ñe ewor am kajitok, kwoj maroñ in topar ilo telebon, aunlain, ako ilo-armij:

  1. Kurlok Kakāāl Arkansas lain ilo 1-844-872-2660
  2. Etal aunlain ñan
  3. Loe lak DHS opiij eo an bukwon ñan kakāāl melele ko am. (find your local office here)

Ñe ewōr am kajitok ko kin Medicaid letta in kakāāl, kwoj maroñ in kurlok Medicaid Center eo ilo 1-888-987-1200 ñan jibañ.



Survey for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 

This research study is designed to explore the healthcare experiences of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The data from this research will be used to create intake forms, workshops for healthcare providers and to educate the field of occupational therapy and other professions through professional presentations. It will also provide information to improve quality of life for all individuals in the health care setting.

You must be 18 years of age or older with an intellectual or developmental disability to participate in the study. Parents with children 18 years of age or older are allowed to participate on their child’s behalf. You must be able to provide informed consent.

Click here to take the survey.

If you are unsure if you meet the requirements, email the study coordinator:
Brittney Richardson OTS
Study Coordinator

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