American Childhood Cancer Organization

PO Box 498
Kensington, MD 20895
301-962-3520 or toll free 855-858-2226
Mission Statement: ACCO’s mission is to provide information and support for children and adolescents with cancer and their families, to provide grassroots leadership through advocacy and awareness, and to support research leading to a cure for all children diagnosed with this life-threatening disease.
Overview: ACCO’s website provides a wealth of information regarding all types of childhood cancer, including bone cancers, brain cancers, leukemia, hepatoblastoma, lymphoma, neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, Rhabdoid Tumors, sarcoma, and Wilms’ Tumors. Information provided includes basic, easy-to-understand medical descriptions; treatment overviews; synopsis of symptoms; statistics; additional outside resources; and targeted email and online support groups for each type of cancer.

To further support families of child cancer patients, ACCO provides a comprehensive database of resources, including online support groups, local face-to-face support groups administered by ACCO’s affiliates, information regarding financial assistance, a state-by-state list of treatment centers, and information about hospice and bereavement support.
For kids, ACCO provides links to websites geared toward coping and encouragement, including some designed specifically for teens. The same information is also provided for siblings. Additionally, ACCO offers free books and cancer treatment kits, which can be ordered online, for young cancer patients.
Age Groups Served: ALL AGES


Diagnoses Served: Cancer

Geographic Areas Served: ALL counties in Arkansas. Online Resources. Entire country.

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