ARHIPP (AR Health Insurance Premium Payment Program)

1818 N. Tyler St. #360
Little Rock, AR  72207
1-855-MyARHIPP  (855-692-7447)
Mission Statement: ARHIPP saves money for Medicaid clients with high healthcare costs by reimbursing all or a portion of the cost of their private health insurance.
Overview: ARHIPP eliminates some out-of-pocket medical expenses for eligible Medicaid members.  And your entire family, not just those Medicaid eligible, may qualify for healthcare coverage under one insurance policy – at no cost to you.
ARHIPP membership is free and does not affect your Medicaid eligibility.  In some cases, clients may qualify to receive reimbursement for the premium cost of a family health insurance policy.
Not currently insured through your job? When you qualify for ARHIPP, federal law makes it possible for you to enroll in employer-sponsored health insurance at any time of the year.
To qualify for ARHIPP, you or a family member:
  • Must receive Medicaid benefits
  • Must have access to a health insurance plan
When you enroll in ARHIPP, you receive:
  • Healthcare for your entire family, even family members that aren’t eligible for Medicaid, if found to be cost-effective for the State of Arkansas.
  • Reimbursement for some or all of your private health insurance.
  • Access to a wider network of doctors through group insurance coverage.
Age Groups Served: ALL

Diagnoses Served: ALL disabilities covered by Social Security

Geographic Areas Served: ALL counties in Arkansas

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